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Virtual and augmented reality products are hitting the market in 2016 in a BIG way (Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, Steam and Samsung to name a few). Every company will be scrambling to incorporate these new technologies into their marketing budgets within the next 5 years. Are you skilled and ambitious enough to sell and build a team to deliver this exciting new technology?

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We are looking for seasoned sales professionals with experience in sales and building/training professional sales teams.
Minimum 5 years in/outside sales experience. Background in real estate, software/hardware technology a plus.


This is a dealer based opportunity where you control mark-up/profits with the potential to build a million dollar operation.
B2B sales in a wide range of industries including luxury sales (real estate;vehicle;boating;aircraft) and hospitality (hotel;tourism;casino;food service). As a dealer you will resell our hardware/software solutions that deliver high impact 3D marketing and adverstising solutions. Join this exciting emerging market at the ground floor. This industry will be one of the largest technology developments of the next decade. Do your research to understand the earnings potential in the next 10 years.

You will need a small initial investment in product (50 units) for use as samples to mail/give clients so they can see the product and view our web-based 3D demo which does most of the selling for you.


The main product is a google cardboard virtual reality viewer which allows users to experience immersive 3D content on any smart phone. In addition, we offer an iphone app which is a content creation tool to upload and share virtual 3D slideshows.

(Google Cardboard Required)

Download Free Iphone Application

Sales Process Overview

The entire cycle is fairly straight forward and direct. Build leads and prospects using online tools for your target market. Many of the prospective industries are easy to find as they are selling products or services. For example, for prospective real estate agents a simple seach of in a target market area will provide all active listings of luxury real estate and the brokers contact information. This can be outsourced to your sales reps, an admin or overseas to improve efficiency in your sales process.

After generating leads, an outcall or visit to offer a sample of the product and software is needed. The product samples have printed links to the online demo and free version of the iphone application for prospects to test. A follow up call or visit to perform a demonstration or explain product may be needed to close the sale. Your total price quoted will be based on your desired mark up from our published net pricing plus shipping and is based on volume. We have a weekly production cycle so your net cost is the aggregate of all your sales each week. Example: 6 orders for 150 units for the week will result in your net pricing based on 900 units, not 150 units for each order. The higher your weekly volume the greater your margins.

You will bill and collect 100% of funds directly from the client, enter the purchase orders and net payment to us through our provided portal and we will begin manufacturing and ship directly to your customer.

Any further questions please visit our contact page

All you need to get starting is to fill out the dealer form below. After registration and approval, you will be sent an agreement and provided a link to our ordering page with all the details, pricing with the ability to order samples & input purchase orders.

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