Custom Iphone App Viewers

Q: My photos are still unfocused when viewing with a 3D viewers.
A: Our App works by taking 2 consecutive photos as you move your phone slowly from left to right. When taking your photos, move your phone more slowly for objects that are closer in proximity. The
cardboard viewer also has adjustable lenses so try moving these in/out to focus image for user.

Q: I can't upload any photos to create my 3D slideshows?
A: The creation of 3D slideshows is only available on our paid Version of the App which can be accessed via the 'Upgrade' link within the camera roll screen.

Q: How do I link my 3D slideshows to a our website?
A: To produce a link usually involves inserting a hyperlink into your webspage. The link format is http://tinvr.com/mls.php?mls=XXXXXXXX&state=YY Replace the X/Y variables with your actual data.

Q: I have taken professional 3D photos. Can I still create 3D slideshows?
A: Absolutely. Just load your photos into your camera's gallery and upload from App like normal.

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